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  why purchase an iG8 RTK receiver from iGage?

performance - quality - service - support and ... price

iGx RTK receivers have

  • a 'best-in-class' fully enabled BD-970 GNSS engine

  • high sensitivity Satel UHF internal radio modems

  • a blazing fast Linux powered core CPU [ update rate movies ]

  • a type-mean absolute modeled GNSS antenna

  • dual-batteries that are available from many sources

  • huge (27 GB) internal memory space for static observations

  • tough magnesium alloy case

  • a full color detailed printed User Manual

  • a 1-year iGage warranty

  • complete ready-to-survey kits

  • great iGage extended financing opportunities [ iGage 10-24 ]

The iG8a is a great GNSS receiver, at the best price, with the best support and service we can provide. The iG8a is 'the real deal'.

the GNSS engine

As additional Galileo and BeiDou satellites come online, under-canopy performance for matched base-rover pairs will be best if you can track every available signal on all satellite constellations. The iG8a receivers track every signal out of the box. There are no additional options to purchase, there is no fine print, you don't have to wait for a future firmware version, the iG8a tracks and uses these signals today:

GPS: L1-C/A, L2E, L2C, L5
SBAS: L1-C/A, L5
GLONASS: L1-C/A, L1P, L2-C/A, L3
Galileo: E1, E5-A, E5-B, E5-AltBOC
BeiDou: B1, B2
QZSS: L1-C/A, L1-SAIF, L2C, L5

Be careful comparing the iG8a to other receivers that claim to track 4 constellations (GPS+GLO+GAL+BDU) but only track 3 constellations at once. Don't be fooled by receivers that require expensive options to enable L2C, L5, Galileo and BeiDou tracking. Don't consider purchasing devices that promise future activation availability.

The iG8 receivers track and use everything out of the box--standard--today.

faster update rates

The iG8 Linux CPU core is really fast. Your SurvCE data collector update rate can be 5 Hz, this makes for faster staking and easier navigation. iG8's are nearly 10-times faster than some of the other receivers that we sell!

fully modeled GNSS antenna

iG8 receivers have a fully modeled [ Absolute Type Mean Robotic Antenna Calibration]. This results in better static occupations for OPUS and other post-processed work flows.

high sensitivity UHF radio

The Satel 1-watt internal radios included in the iG8 receivers have the highest sensitivity and the best range of any UHF radio alternative. With the high-gain end-fed dipole UHF antenna and the included antenna extension cable and we routinely get 4 to 9 miles of coverage - in town - in real-world situations.

Our reasonably priced 35-watt high-powered repeater kit fills in coverage holes for even longer distance operation. APIS, our free online correction forwarding service will extend the range to wherever internet data coverage is available.

static observation memory, easy OPUS submittal

The iG8 includes 27-gigabytes of internal memory for storing static observations. This is important if you are going to post-process your base location using OPUS or other online processing systems.

The iGx Download tool (the same one used with the X90-OPUS, X900S-OPUS and [ iG3s ] static receivers) automates the submission process for OPUS, RTX, AusPos and IBGE is included with every iG8 receiver we sell.

SurvCE allows for [ time-tagging ] observations.

printed user manuals

We include full color printed User Manuals that simplify both RTK and Static use. Most configurations are shown with step-by-step configurations that include details about why you are making each selection. Hopefully anyone can follow the manual and have a working RTK pair or network rover with no additional help.

The complete User Manual is available here [ User Manual ].


Expectations of battery life for various operation modes are detailed [ here ].

iG8's uses two standard sized Lithium-Ion battery packs that are available both from iGage and from nearly every online battery source. Checkout this link to [ Amazon ] for examples of reasonably priced, compatible batteries.

We supply 3,400 mAh cells, the highest capacity battery cells available. We include a 4-bay charger so you can simultaneously charge a complete set of 4 batteries for a Base - Rover pair.

Our receivers don't use proprietary, hard to find batteries that cost hundreds of dollars each.


Our factory sponsored financing program is a great alternative to paying cash. Approvals are quick and the process is easy [ iGage 10-24 Details ]. We may also offer discounts for other payment terms.

support - service

If this is your first RTK GNSS Receiver purchase or you already have lots of GNSS experience, we know that the most important factor for a successful purchase is service and support.

Purchasing iG8 RTK pairs is simple. The kits include everything you need to get going. Ground shipping is included for all USA destinations (including Alaska and Hawaii.) iG8 kits are almost always available from stock and we can ship the same day if you order before 2 pm.

If you don't have poles and tripods, ask us for help finding the accessories that best fit your operation.

Our software tools include direct online support links so we can view your screen and help you work through issues including operation and firmware/software updates.

Checkout actual feedback cards for our popular X90-OPUS and iG3 static receivers [ here ].


Perhaps best of all iGage backs iG8a receivers with a 1-year warranty. (Cables and accessories are 1-year; batteries are 90-days.) We service iG8as here in Salt Lake City Utah. When you have problems, we typically provide loaner equipment while your equipment is serviced.

why does iGage have such great pricing on RTK and Static receivers?

Well, iGage i-G products have great performance, support and service too. We are not providing equipment based on price alone. If you consider some eBay sales and gray market sources, we don't have the best prices in the USA.

However if support, service, repairs, warranty fulfillment and finance options mean anything to you, iGage will be very difficult to beat. Our standard website [ pricing ] often is significantly less than purchasing on eBay from an unknown source. Plus we routinely run seasonal sales on RTK that are really great deals--look for our advertisements in the survey trade publications and online.

When comparing, ask:

Are the radios legal for use as a transmitter in the USA? (Many new and used devices offered for sale on eBay have non-FCC-approved UHF radios and are illegal to import and illegal to use in the USA.)

Does the device have a FCC approval as an assembled device (not just the stand-alone radio modules)?

Does the device have a 'Absolute Type Mean GNSS Antenna Calibration'? Many receiver's offered for sale have relative calibrations, calibrations that are not specific to the exact device or no antenna calibrations at all.

How does the device perform under moderate and heavy canopy? How does the device compare when used as a network rover. See the tracking discussion above.

Does the device have a 3.75G cellular modem that is currently supported by USA GSM carriers?

Does the device have a great high-sensitivity UHF radio built in? You can't beat the Satel radios that we use.

Are all of the GNSS tracking options enabled or do they cost extra? Beware of receivers that promise future tracking or have the ability to track all of the constellations, just not at the same time.

Is it possible for the receiver to fix with GLONASS only? Is it possible for the receiver to fix with a mixture of GLONASS and Galileo SV's today without purchasing additional options? The iG8 has Any-Mix-Fix.

(If the receiver is advertised to support these additional signals in the future, you need to understand that they have been available and contributing to RTK solutions in other equipment for years.) Of course the iG8 will do all of this, today, out of the box.

If Galileo tracking & use is not available today will the supplier warrant that support will be available soon, what are the options if Galileo is never functional?

How difficult is it to store static observation data for a base? The iG8 always records files and has enough internal memory to last for a very-very-very long time. (27 Gigabytes.)

How difficult is it to get an OPUS solution for Base observation data? The iGage iGx Download tool (the same tool we provide with the iG3s receiver) is legendary for it's simplicity and is included with the iG8 receivers. It is fully described in the [ User Manual ] and you can download a copy [ here ].

Is the device dependably waterproof? Do the battery bay doors fully close and seal? If the battery door leaks, is the battery compartment sealed from the device electronics? The iG8 is water-resistant with the battery door open! And the battery door closes and latches completely and dependably. The iG8 is IP68 rated!

Are the characters on the display easy to read? The iG8 has large, bright, easy to read alphanumeric characters.

One or two year warranty? What is the repair process? Do you need to return to device to a China or Hong Kong address for service? The iG8 repair facility is in Salt Lake City Utah.

Will the supplier provide you with a loaner while your device is being serviced?

Is there a defined pre-purchase evaluation process? Check out the iGage process [ iGage Equipment Evaluation Agreement ]. What is the return policy? Is it in writing?

Can you purchase spare parts like cables, display windows, chargers, wall transformers and cases?

What is the price of spare batteries? Are they available from 3rd party sellers (like Amazon)?

Can you easily determine the address of the supplier? Are they a real company or just the brother-in-law of a offshore supplier who is leaking gray-market equipment into the USA? (See eBay for examples.)

Does the company have a business license (are they real) or just a website?

What options are available for factory finance? iGage has great financing options [ iGage 10-24 ] fully supported by the factory (us).

Does the User Manual include detailed setup and troubleshooting information? Are you confident that you can get the receiver running with the User Manual alone? Can you call for support?

Our pricing is good because we design and specify the receivers we sell under the i-G brand (currently the iG3s and iG8.) We have complete control over the sourcing, supply and distribution. There are no middlemen. Our model is efficient with static receivers (the X90-OPUS, X900S-OPUS and iG3s) and it scales to RTK.

iGage won't always have the best price for RTK equipment. However we will have a great offering when you include the value of dealing with a real company that has been providing service and support for decades.



the iG8 is export controlled: [ details ]

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