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GPS + GLONASS + Galileo + BeiDou + SBAS Any-Mix-Fix
fully enabled 200+ channels 50Hz
tracks and utilizes Galileo BeiDou L2C L5 today

Bright sunlight readable OLED panel
keyboard for quick mode selections

Dual Batteries
11-hour operation hot swappable

Electronic bubble verified shots

Well connected: 3.75 GSM
built-in hotspot Wi-Fi http ftp
USB Serial 403-473 MHz TxRx Satel UHF
Built in APIS provides no-cost internet based correction forwarding

27 GB high speed static observation memory
iGage direct download and OPUS submittal compatible
8-stream direct to RINEX logging

IP68, water and dust proof, cast magnesium case
2.8 lbs with batteries
2-year iGage warranty

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the iG8 is export controlled: [ details ]


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