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Cellular Data Plans for the iG8


Important SIM News:

In February 2021 ATT announced that they will not support 3G modems after February 2022. To this end we can no longer activate SIM cards for 3G (which includes HSDP+) modems nor can we extend existing service for these devices past February 2022.

iG8 GNSS receivers have internal HSDP+ (3.75G) GSM modems to simplify connecting to RTK networks. The iG8 GSM modems will work with most USA GSM carriers.

You can activate your own cellular data service or you can use the GSM cards which we include with every iG8 receiver.

If you choose to use our SIM cards activation will be very simple. [ Detailed Instructions for configuring iG8 ]

Our rates are very competitive, there is no activation fee and there is no contract:

Monthly Data
Activation Cost
(all plans are pre-paid annually)
250-MB $0.00 $240/year $1.90 / 100 MB
1-GB $0.00 $270/year $1.90 / 100 MB
5-GB $0.00 $390/year $1.90 / 100 MB

We can bundle the cost of a 1-year's service with the cost of your equipment and your equipment will arrive pre-activated. Or you can choose to activate a data plan on the pre-supplied cards at any time.

Why purchase a data plan from iGage?

We shield you from a potentially frustrating activation experience

Commercial-grade SIMs

No setup or activation fees

No waiting for SIM cards to arrive, no charge for the bundled cards

The SIM cards are pre-associated to your iG8 head, all we need is the iG8 serial number to activate

Frequently asked questions

What if I go over my data limit? We will contact you before you use all your data. Service will stop if you reach your allowance.

Can I increase my monthly allowance? Yes.

Can I move the card between devices?

  • GSM (aSIM): Yes, the card is registered to a primary device, however it should activate in other devices.
  • vSIM: Yes but you will probably need to contact us with the IMEI number of the new device each time the card is moved.

What is the APN, User Name and Password? Typically you can leave all three blank and the card should automatically provision. Otherwise set the APN to: 'dac.com.attz'

What is the phone number of my card? The card is data only and has no voice or messaging features.


How much data will my iG8 use?

A highest data use scenario is a fully enabled GNSS Base (GPS+GLO+GAL+BDS+SBAS+QZS) receiver (like the iG8) tracking 31 satellites, all signals (L2C, L5, GLO-L3), broadcasting RTCM3.2 MSM. This configuration will transfer ~34,000 bytes of correction data per minute:
Extreme Use Bytes
1 minute 39,000
1 hour 2,040,000
8 hours 16,320,000
20 8-hour days 326,400,000
1 24-hour day 48,960,000
31 24-hour days 1,517,760,000

Typical networks in the USA track GPS+GLO only and transfer ~18,000 bytes per minute while tracking 16 satellites:

Normal Use Bytes
1 minute 18,000
1 hour 1,080,000
8 hours 8,640,000
20 8-hour days 172,800,000
1 24-hour day 25,920,000
31 24-hour days 803,520,000

250-Mb per month is plenty of data for most survey and engineering users, however if you plan on using the iG8's built-in hotspot choose a plan with enough data for the receiver and the attached computer's use.


Cellular Data Plans for other devices

We offer discounted data subscription plans on multiple carriers with no contracts, annual payments and easy configuration.

Our customers are surveyors and engineers with single receiver modems to large enterprise organizations with multiple devices. Our data SIM cards work with both GSM (ANET) and CDMA (VNET) SIM devices.

SIM cards are $5 each and are shipped by USPS Mail.

If you have a single modem in a GNSS receiver, an automated tractor, a security camera, a remote GNSS CORS station or even a UAV tracking device, we can provide simple, no-contract cellular connectivity utilizing the top networks at great prices with no setup fees.


Fine Print

Subscription plan is an annual connectivity service. Payments are non-refundable.
Wireless coverage is not guaranteed and is subject to change.
Overage charges apply when allowance is exhausted.
GSM coverage area [ map ]



the iG8 is export controlled: [ details ]


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