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  10-24 iGage factory financing

All iG8 hardware packages totaling $5,000 or more can be purchased through the "iGage 10-24" program. (Subject to a simple credit application and credit approval.)

Our programs feature simple documentation and are unwritten by our long-term bank affiliated partner Advanced Acceptance (an affiliate of First Western Bank & Trust of Minot, North Dakota.)

The application is a single page and approval typically only takes a few hours.

We do what we say we will do with no gimmicks or hidden terms. We want to be your long-term partners, not just for one purchase but for all your future survey equipment needs.

iGage 10-24 Program Description

The standard program is simple:

24-Months at 0% Financing; 10% Down payment; $100 Application/Document Fee

For example a $16,800 complete Base Rover pair with a data collector poles and accessories requires:

$ 1,780 down payment (includes the $100 document fee)
$    630 per month for 24-months ($15,120)
$16,900 Total Payments

The interest rate is 0% and you can pay off the agreement at anytime.

In addition to the standard program, we also offer $1.00 buyout leases, deferred payment programs and seasonal payment programs.

We can help you improve cash flow, you can avoid big down payments, and you can get 90% financing. In addition, our leasing and finance programs are easier and faster than bank financing, and may provide you with tax benefits (consult with your accountant to confirm benefits.) Our program is a reported credit transaction and may help you establish credit for a new business.

EFA / Leasing Insurance Requirements

Insurance is required for the term of extended financing:

Property Insurance for the value of the equipment naming AdvAcc as the 'Loss Payee'
General Public Liability Insurance naming AdvAcc as 'Additionally Insured' on leases.

We strongly recommend that you insure all of the equipment that your business needs to be productive with 'Named Equipment Insurance' sometimes known as 'Inland Marine'. Ask your insurance partner if the equipment will be covered if:

It is stolen from a locked pickup truck
It is stolen from an unlocked pickup truck
It is stolen while setup on a job
It is stolen from a hotel room
It is on a job site and is backed over by an earthmover
It is stolen from your office

Equipment loss due to theft is a real issue, you should never be in a position where it will destroy your practice.

The Process

1. We can help you determine the equipment you wish to purchase and provide you with a firm price quotation including delivery costs. Let us know that you are interested in extended financing and we will provide a short application form with the quotation.

2. Compete the application, sign it and fax or email it to the fax-number or email-address at the top of the application.

3. Upon approval, you will receive lease documents for completion. Return the documents and your equipment will usually ship within a day!



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